Top qualities of a tough phone case

One gadget that you always have with you while working, playing, or relaxing is the smartphone. The smartphone has become an essential gadget for many people around the world today.

However, while the phone is easy to carry around, dropping it is also easy. When this happens, hitting the right angle can either chip the phone beyond repair or shatter its screen.

A tough phone case is protection your phone needs in times of accidental drops. With this said, what are the qualities of a tough phone case?

Your daily activities or work is the top factor that determines whether you need a tough phone case. For instance, 24/7 phone protection is needed when your daily grind means being on the move all the time.

The top qualities of a tough phone case include:

Flawless fit

There is no universal fit when it comes to phone cases. The design of phone cases is created specifically for various smartphone models. Two smartphone brands may have the same features but will likely have different sizes.

The case that is made specifically for your phone model is an important thing to consider. A tight and snug fit is achieved with the right phone case. The perfect fit protects the phone from moving around.

A shock-proof case is another important consideration other than the perfect fit. It pays to check out the specs of the phone case before buying.

Rubber outer layer

An element of rubber construction should be with the phone case for it to be considered shockproof. Plastic phone casings may look aesthetically pleasing, but their brittleness cannot absorb shock.

The absorbent qualities of rubber phone cases make them the toughest protector against accidental drops. Silicon phone cases may be able to protect your phone when dropped from a certain height, but will not be able to absorb the shock, unlike rubber.

However, phone case manufacturers have discovered that a multi-layered construction offers the best protection of all. A multi-layered phone case is made of a rigid and tough layer, lined with silicon, and rubber on the outer layer.

With this recommendation, looking at cases featuring multi-layered construction should be the top choice.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The Gorilla Glass is the latest innovation in phone screen protectors. It claims to provide 15 drops of protection for smartphones. However, it’s best to augment a Gorilla Glass screen protector with a tempered glass screen protector.

An added layer of protection to the phone’s screen is provided with a tempered glass screen protector. It’s recommended that a tempered glass of 9H should be part of your shopping list for the toughest phone case.

The Sapphire glass screen protector is another updated technology. It claims to provide better protection than the Gorilla Glass. While this may be so, doubling the shock resistance levels of your phone’s screen is the best route to take.

Hydrophobic screen protector

The hydrophobic screen protector is worth considering when it concerns tough phone protection. Fitting the hydrophobic screen protector over the phone protects it from accidental water or other liquid spills.

The most unfortunate events that can ruin your expensive smartphone are falls, spills, and drops. You can only realise the importance of phone protection when you watch helplessly as your phone does a deep dive toward the ground. Choose the tough phone case from PTC to protect your phone.