Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Family Lawyer

Family is considered to be a central unit in a society and family law exists to ensure that the integrity of this unit is not harmed. A person could need a family lawyer for any number of reasons, for example, to write up a pre-marital contract, to draw up an inheritance will, or to decide upon the custody of the kids after divorce. Whatever the reason for hiring a family lawyer might be, you should keep in mind the following things which would help them be cost efficient and more effective in their approach.

Set your goals

Once you’ve decided that you need a family lawyer, you should set your own goals as to what approach you’re willing to take. You need to first decide the matter that you need guidance upon; a specific issue would help your lawyer cater to it better while also saving your time and money.


Secondly, you need to decide on a budget that you’re willing to spend. Set a goal and look for a firm that will resolve your issue within that budget. Different firms follow different approaches to their dealing and bill their clients accordingly. Hence, you need to decide on what you want and be upfront about it with your lawyer. Thirdly, you need to decide what stance will you be taking. For example, if it is the matter of your child’s custody, do you wish to negotiate with your partner or do you want to take the predatory approach. This would allow you to look for firms which specialize in the approach that you wish to follow.

Be upfront with your lawyer

Once you have set your goals and found a lawyer you are satisfied with, you need to talk to your lawyer in detail. Matters of the law can seem very daunting to someone who is not acquainted to these matters and it is only exacerbated by the fact that legal issues tend to be extremely technical where every word is meaningful. The family law solicitors toowoomba know this and they tend to work this in their favor. Hence you need to talk openly about you concerns with your lawyer.

You should discuss your problem with your lawyer in detail and leave no detail out. A lawyer is bound by attorney-client privilege to not disclose your information to anyone, hence, you should give your lawyer every detail related to your case even if it seems irrelevant to you. Lastly, you should work out the tiny details of your case, for example, who will handle your case, who can you talk to in case of emergency, whether you wish to be updated on the progress of your case through email or personally.

All of this would help you get through your case systematically while giving you realistic predictions about you case and would allow you to have an amiable relationship with your lawyer.

Cost of representation and credibility

It is important to talk to your lawyer about their rate in the beginning. Get details of their billable hours, retainers, miscellaneous cost so that there is no conflict later on. Also ask your lawyer about the possible outcomes of your case. A good lawyer will never promise a perfect outcome and will always warn you about the shortcomings of your case. This would help you see all the possible outcomes and would allow you have realistic expectations from your case.